I kickstarted another something

I’m part of that very small percentage of society that always wanted to play D&D (or any pen and paper RPG) but never had anyone to play with.
If you consider this, it’s actually quite sad, I have no one to fulfill a lifelong desire, but one day this may very well change.
But I hold onto hope, over the past few years I’ve even bought some D&D starter kits and books and such, my collection has only grown and will only continue to do so, I’ve got so many sets of dice that I could probably set up my own casino (lets not talk about my playing cards either).
And it seems I am supporting another project on kickstarter that will contribute to D&D collection, this time it’s a notebook that is designed to be a companion to any campaign, offering space to make notes, draw maps and generally keep track of information that you may not have space for in your character sheet.

The campaign has passed it’s goal and the guy running the campaign has run a few successful campaigns in the past so the chances of things failing at this point are low.
This isn’t a “must have” item, but it is a useful item for players,it’s just so damn convenient.



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