Three Comic based Shows you should Watch

With comic based TV shows currently being a dime a dozen at the moment and more on the horizon, maybe you didn’t know that more were on the way but you should be well aware that there has been a whole host of shows based on comics in the past, I thought I would share with you three of my favourite from over the years.

Firstly, The Maxx.
You may find that the shows in my list have a certain weirdness about them and The Maxx jumps into this tradition feet first.
An animated series that exists in two worlds, the “real world” and the Outback, The Maxx exists in both having no control over which he currently inhabits, his duty to protect Julie, in one world she is the Jungle Queen, but in the other she is a social worker who has to protect her… insane guardian.
And that’s what Maxx is, almost a hero touched by madness, it shows across in the animation.
There’s a lot I would like to tell you about the show, but seeing as it isn’t a big show it would pretty much be a spoiler, so take at the opening (below) and see what you think.

Secondly, The Tick.
The Tick comes in both animated and live action, I would advise you to watch both.
The titular character, The Tick is a big blue super hero, he’s damn near indestructible and he’s as stupid as… a really stupid thing, he thinks nothing of jumping off the top of a building and while other heroes are formulating a plan he’s running straight into combat screaming something about being the weed whacker in the garden of crime.
His bad guys include Chairface Chippendale, a gentleman who literally has a chair for a face, El Seed who plans to overthrow the mammals for the betterment of all plant kind, and several permutations of The Tick, including one guy who calls himself the Tick and doesn’t want to share the name, as well as a Tick clone made from mucus.
The Tick is silly and over powered, he doesn’t really get the world but that doesn’t stop him from trying to save it, and there’s even a rumour that the live action adaptation may get picked for renewal in the future.
Specifically with the live action show, I have to saw that Patrick Warburton was just an excellent casting decision, a brick wall of a man who perfectly encapsulates everything that I see the Tick being.
Again, here’s a video, two videos, live action and animated for you to take a glimpse over.

Finally, Tales from the Crypt.
This might seem an odd choice considering the previous two were variations on the superhero theme, but this is still based on a comic book so perfectly in reason in the listing.
Tales from the Crypt is an anthology horror series, with each episode being it’s own self contained story, always in the horror theme usually with some twisted message.
What really ties the series together, is the lone recurring character, the host of the show, the Cryptkeeper, a cackling member of the undead who just wants to share a story with you.
There are Tales from the Crypt films as well as the series, however they don’t always carry the same feeling as the show.

The first episode of the series starts off with William Sadler (Death, from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey) as an executioner who is suddenly out of whack when society decides to revoke the death penalty, he proceeds to take it upon himself to carry on his sickly profession and begins hunting down criminals who escape the long arm of the law.

And while browsing IMDB it seems there’s even an animated series, excuse me while I go hunt this down while you guys take a look at the Cryptkeeper in action.


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