With the third season of Arrow and the premiere of the Flash almost upon us, rumours are circulating about a possible Supergirl series testing the waters over at CBS.
Though a female led series has yet to receive the attention it deserves (I’m looking at you wonder woman) with Greg Berlanti (the name behind Arrow and the Flash) pushing for Supergirl, it looks like this might be the biggest chance we have to prove that girls can kick as much arse as us guys can.

No doubt you remember the Supergirl film, which was a staple of my childhood, with its mixture of magic and super powers the film seems more popular with myself than some of my contemporaries.
But who could replace the films lead (Helen Slater) in a live action series? Though Supergirl (Kara Zor-el) appeared as a character in the TV series Smallville, would you want Laura Vandervoort to return to the role after five years have passed?


Supergirl as a character is generally portrayed as Superman’s cousin, survivor of the Kryptonian city of Argo, which had survived the destruction wrought upon the rest of Krypton at the time of Superman’s journey to Earth, upon Argo Cities destruction Kara is sent to Earth in a manner reflecting her famous cousin’s, just like with Superman exposure to Earth’s yellow sun imbues Supergirl with amazing powers.

With the popularity of Arrow and the potential of The Flash, DC has the opportunity to build the same kind of continuity Marvel currently has with it’s film base, if they run this show right but if instead DC fracture their shows across various different continuities, setting them at different times and such, then the impact of the shows (and upcoming film, Dawn of Justice) will be collectively lessened than the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would just be awesome to see Henry Cavill popping up in The Flash, or Ben Affleck’s Batman going up against Arrow.

Either way, it would just be awesome to see a comic based series focusing on a strong female lead character.


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