Grabbers (2012)

The question is simple, how would a very Irish monster movie take place? What would the monsters be like? What would they be weak against?
Turns out the answers are very simple, Lovecraftian tentacled nightmares and alcohol.

The plot is simple enough, monsters (the Grabbers) are found by the local police (or Garda), it’s quickly discovered that the Grabbers are weakened by alcohol and so a plot is devised to keep the population drunk for their own safety.

Sounds good, right?
The film is fun, the jokes are funny, acting is Irish and the alcohol is believable.
As monsters the Grabbers are equally interesting and scary, tapping into the sort of fear I certainly have over squids and cephalopods in general.

This is a good film and in my opinion deserves higher than the 6.2 it has on IMDB (Really, just above average?) but the thing that really gets me rolling on the floor is that there is a discussion on IMDB about how this film is racist because there are no black characters, insisting that despite being set on a small Irish island there needs to be a person of colour or the film is promoting hate.

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!


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