Deadpool film announced for 2016

You might have noticed I’m a fan of the Deadpool franchise, something about the Merc with a Mouth, he’s just crazy enough to be entertaining.

So I’ve been spending the past who knows how long looking forward to the rumours of a Deadpool film, checking IMDB every once in a while to see if there was any new information and with Wolverine Origins I gave up all hope, here we had Wade Wilson turned into some bastardisation of the Deadpool character, seriously that film was stupid, but here I was enjoying a couple of minutes of the Merc, that was all we were destined to have.

But even after Origins, we still had rumours with “Yeah… we’re just going to ignore that last film..” being the mentality of any future Deadpool project.

But five years later and still no Deadpool.


And here we are, 2014 and suddenly we’ve got Deadpool test footage, which took the Internet by storm, haven’t seen it? Here, let me show you.


And now? We’ve got a release date, just got to hope that Ryan Reynolds stars (one of the rumours in the past year was about him leaving the project), but we’ve also got to hope that a Deadpool film doesn’t get dumbed down, as a character Deadpool is wise cracking and blood spilling, making him a child friendly character (so aiming for a 12-A rating) would severely detract from the possibilities they could explore with the character, but of course by limiting the viewing crowd you limit the potential revenue, we’ve just got to hope the desire to make the best possible Deadpool film is paramount in this production.


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