Being a Browncoat

So, anyone who knows me should be well aware that I am a Browncoat, a fan of the TV show Firefly, and though I will speak at length about what a travesty it is to only receive drips of content as the years pass.
Yes, I have the graphic novels, yes I bought all of the books and even got patches I could attach to everything.
I’ve signed up to Beta test the upcoming MMO (not that I’ll get to, but you have to try) and I’ve seen the fan films.

But it’s not enough, we just don’t get enough, for a world that had so much potential and so many stories to tell, we don’t have anywhere near what we wanted, anywhere near what the world could have given us.
The thing that could make this better is fan made content, and we’ve had some, Browncoats Redemption a full fan made film, but it just lacked the magic of the show, but still it was something.

But with the latest LootCrate announcement video, we’ve had what we’ve missed so far.
A fan made production that manages to touch upon the feel of the original show, a life on the wild frontiers of space where danger and betrayal lurk around every corner, but still maintaining the comedic moments, the light moments that make the cold cold black feel just that little bit warmer.

That’s not to say The Verse was perfect, but it hits closer to home than pretty much everything else I’ve seen.
Maybe I should sit down and watch every Firefly fan film/short out there, what do you guys think?

I will end on one note, come this weekend I will be celebrating the birthday of Malcolm Reynolds.


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