The Blob (1958)

You know what? I’ve always wanted to sit down and watch all the classic Scifi/Monster movies, and thanks to Soffo over at The Dolly Roger I now have an excuse to.

Over the past  couple of months we’ve been watching various classic films and I really dropped the ball in letting you guys know this, we’ve just watched The Blob, the classic monster movie of a gelatinous alien that falls to Earth and proceeds to eat it’s way across small town America.

Now I could go on about the technicality of this film, but I am not going to, this film is pretty iconic and has been referenced in damn near everything. Don’t believe me? Just click here and read.

This film doesn’t hold up today by any means, it’s laughable in places but the film is one of those that has left such a legacy in pop culture that everyone should experience it, so go out and watch or else we can’t be friends.


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