Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

Consider yourself a fan of the Leprechaun films?

Did you see Leprechaun in the Hood? What about Back 2 tha Hood? Where can a film series really go after that? Well, it could go into reboots or prequels, or even a prequel rebooting the series.

That seems to be what’s going on here.


Our film starts with four American teenagers on vacation in Ireland, trying to explore a little of the local history, they get friendly with the slightly suspicious locals and end up staying the night in order to see something that rarely gets seen by tourists.

Lets start off, you may not recognise the names in this film but you’ll no doubt recognise Brendan Fletcher‘s face, he’s been in a fair few things including Freddy vs Jason, the rest of the cast don’t ring any bells with me but you might have a better time remembering them.

The film seems to want to hit every horror cliche it can find.

Drunken twenty-somethings? Check.

Creepy villagers? Definitely.

Monster-vision? Yeah.

Kindly elder betraying our heroes? Of course.


Does Origins really add anything to the series? Not really, before we had a malevolent trickster who sought to punish those who did wrong by him and now they’ve made the Leprechaun a growling, grunting monster

Origins plays into the same problem all “reimaginings” fall into, it wants to be its own film without confidence in itself, so it doesn’t break away from the established franchise enough to be unique, but it isn’t true enough to the original to be worth being part of the series, as much as Leprechaun in the Hood was silly, it still felt like part of the same series of Leprechaun.

I often lament that Hollywood prefers to recycle established work over creating something new but I really have to wonder if it is worth it when you have films like this, does being part of the current Leprechaun franchise offer the film anything? Would it have lost anything by removing that slim connection to the past?

This isn’t a great horror film, it isn’t a great Leprechaun film, you’ll be hard pressed to enjoy it even if you’re a fan of the franchise.


Just to show you what a worthless premise this film is, you’ve got a town sacrificing outsiders to appease a Leprechaun the town stole gold from, you’d think that when these travellers come into town instead of weaving them a tale of ancient stones, the townsfolk would just drug the outsiders and then leave them bound in view of the Leprechaun’s cave, then there’s no chance for them to get weapons or work out what’s attacking them, it wouldn’t make for an entertaining film, but it would make for a less stupid film.


Unless you’re a junkie for bad horror films, avoid this at all costs.


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