Stage Fright (2014)

This serial slasher runs in the vein of such titles as High School Musical, by which I mean everyone bursts into song for no apparent reason and no one thinks anything of it, which is fine, a musical about musicals at a musical camp.

Sounds a little.. weird right?

Throw on top of that a Kabuki masked killer killing people to the tune of a heavy rock rift, while a production of some form of Phantom of the Opera occurs, all while a Machiavellian Meatloaf (yes, that Meatloaf) manipulates the strings of the musically inclined in order to regain his place as a promoter of all things stage and music.


The songs aren’t all great, but many are fun.

The story, though not original (but what is anymore) is entertaining.

The effects and kills are probably the best fun in the film and definitely worth a watch.


If you want to throw on some mindless violence and you’re not opposed to story through music, this is definitely one to watch, it’s not one you need to overly think about but it is entertaining.


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