Weeds (2005 – 2012)

I liked Weeds, really I did, wait let me start again.

I’m currently in the middle of Weeds, well I’m in the midst of Season 3 but I had to stop watching again, the first time I tried watching Weeds was all the way back in 2005 when it originally aired but here I am 9 years later trying to watch again and again I find myself stopping. It’s not because I dislike the show, I like it immensely but my problem is that I find the show taking sudden changes in directions I don’t like.

For example, to me Season One builds up to Nancy buying a bakery with the realisation that she has to step her game up to remain competitive, but then a single episode into the second season and the bakery is gone, literally dropped like a hot potato and the thing is I liked the Bakery idea.

I liked the idea of the Bakery being a front for sales, a mother working hard to try and make her fake company legitimate so that one day she doesn’t have a fake bakery and do you know why I liked the idea so much? Because Nancy was so fucking excited about the idea, but it didn’t last.

And come Season Two, the goal being to create all this amazing super weed and create a empire of hemp, and yet come the end of the season and the empire has come crashing down, making yet another dramatic change. I fully understand the need to raise the stakes, but so far we’re getting to the end and we’re moving on to a new game, you get to the end of a round of Monopoly and move on to Cluedo, finish Cluedo and then you move on to Guess Who.

I do enjoy the show, I like the characters and I like the progression, but I just want it to feel more like the show is growing than just changing tact, cause if they keep going the way they are I’m gonna have to take a break after each season.


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