War of the Worlds: Goliath (2012)

The premise is simple, it’s 15 years after the original war and humanity has been developing upon the technology left behind by the Martian invaders.

So we have humans piloting mecha based on the Martian tripods, we’ve got giant laser guns and they even try to give us the hopelessness of the original story.

I say “try to” because once we’ve got giant robots and laser guns there is suddenly too much of an equal footing for humanity, part of the appeal of the War of the Worlds story is that for all the technological advancement of man, it is the simplest of all things, mere bacteria, something so small that it can not be seen.

But apparently Martians managed to get themselves immune, to everything, every little thing, you would think that if the Martians had the ability to give themselves such immunity they would have had the foresight to not come to earth unprepared and as such the original film wouldn’t have happened.

But no, apparently they didn’t think about this.


Despite decent animation, the insistence on shoe-horning into an existing premise just ruined the entire thing for me.

Take out the War of the Worlds and it becomes a passable film.


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