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Let me preface this by telling you that I dislike football, I find it atrocious that people are paid such huge amounts for this.

But that aside, one thing I really can’t get is how excited England, as a nation, gets over any kind of competition.
I hear we’ve just been kicked out of the World Cup and you know what, if didn’t fucking surprise me.

Statistically we don’t do very well at these things and yet the nation always get excited when the next competition starts.
I’ll be the first to admit I don’t care enough about the games to keep track, but we seem to get knocked out of these competitions early on.
And is it any surprise?
Our top football clubs seem to have a huge amount of foreign players signed, I mean is it any surprise that our national team isn’t worth a damn when our local teams think foreign players are better than the home grown talent?

I really don’t give a damn about football but every time these competitions occur I seem to hear nothing else.

And our team really don’t warrant that kind of dedication.

It just always seems to me that everyone is a football fan till we lose and everyone is a rugby fan once we win.
I am a fan of neither and I like it this way.


Now I’m just looking at details on Wikipedia.

For the 2013/14 Premier League we’ve got the winners (Manchester City), runners up (Liverpool) and third place (Chelsea).

Manchester City, 28 players 6 of whom are marked as English, that’s roughly 21%

Liverpool, 41 players, 18 of whom are listed as English, so about 43%

Chelsea, 37 players, 7 English, which is roughly 18%


When we look at these figures, we end up with 28% of players being listed as English.

(Again, just going with the info on Wikipedia, it lists FIFA certified nationality and players may hold dual nationality and such)

So if our own clubs have 72% foreign players in the top teams, what makes us think we have skill to compete on an international level?


I’m not saying we can’t have international recruits playing in the premiere league, but if you want to win something like the world cup, you need a serious boost to home grown talent.


Right, I am done, no more football, I’m already fucking tired of the topic.


{BBC – Premier League less than One Third English)

(Wikipedia – Premier League 1992 to present)


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