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So, you may have noticed I posted about a kickstarter I liked the look of, and now I am posting again.
Only this time, I am retracting the happiness of this kickstarter.

With only three days to go, the guys running the kickstarter made the dickish move of adding a whole host of new pledge levels, these pledges are not “Get an additional cookie” they are all along the lines of “Shipping to…”

Now, I might come across as being unfair to the guys running this, they may have realised that they could not afford shipping across the world, but you know what would have been a decent move in this instance?
Cancelling the fucking campaign.
Do not, and I repeat do not add extra fucking pledge levels for every shipping location and then label the original pledges as “Pick up from our office”

This is a completely dickish move pulled so close to the end of the campaign, it looks like an attempt to score the money without delivering on the rewards.

Again, the honourable and honest thing to do, is leave a message saying that the campaign wasn’t thought out properly or that things were miscalculated, and then relaunch the campaign.

I have cancelled my pledge for this campaign because of how this has been handled.
My pledge would have risen from 12 euros to 23 euros, almost doubling.

And yes, this isn’t a great deal of money, but it is still a terrible move and a terrible way to handle the situation.
But beyond the money, this move shows a lack of foresight, when I pledged there was nothing written in the campaign about adding shipping later, so we can only assume that shipping hadn’t been accounted for, and if something as important to delivering your reward isn’t being accounted for, you can be damn sure it makes me worry about the entire fucking campaign.

Rant over, I am done.
Gonna go play Rocksmith.




I know this is a little bit vindictive of me, but I checked out the kickstarter and saw that the total support value had dropped by about a third, I definitely feel this was deserved.


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