Coffee time


Were you aware that I love my coffee?
You should be, I mean I drink it like it was water, which is odd as I always drink a glass of water with my coffee.
But if my purchase pf the custom cup cozy wasn’t a big enough clue, I’ll one day give you a run down of all my coffee paraphernalia so you can see.

Enough of that for now, this time I want to talk to you about Milicano.
If you didn’t know Milicano was released as the first “whole bean instant” which as far as I can tell means they added a tiny amount of ground coffee to the instant granules.
This gives you the effect of having that bitter sludge at the end of your coffee, much like your coffee made with fresh beans.

Now I don’t need that level of “authenticity” in an instant coffee, but I liked Milicano.
It was honestly the best tasting instant I’ve ever had and I loved the uniqueness of it, the tiny granules, the sludge after you finished the drink and even the scent, it all built an experience.

This is the kicker, after leading the charge of whole bean instants, Milicano “improved” the recipe, the granules are now larger and that cute little sludge can only be described as toxic.
This really disappoints me, not only was the recipe improved but Kenco said nothing until people started complaining.

And this all happened as Milicano brought out a new style, a light roast called the Sunlight Blend which actually isn’t bad, but when we consider that Milicano used to be amazing and now we have a generic coffee, which brought out another generic variation, we’re left with bitter disappointment and toxic sludge.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


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