There are some things that just aren’t right in the world

So, it looks as if the world got a little darker while I was away.
I’m just catching up on the news and it seems another instance of some kid (Elliot Rodger) in America blaming women for his loneliness and snapped resulting in some senseless violence.

What really gets me is the comments on what the guy did, I’ll show you a bunch of comments and then I’ll quickly discuss one of them.
Now, the comment that really gets to me is the second comment by Rodney Jones.
Rodney tells us “See girls this is what you get for treating nice guys like shit.”

No, just no.
This is not the action of a nice guy, a nice guy does not wish to cause harm to anyone.
A nice guy does not innocent others when someone attacks or bullies him.
A nice guy does not expect anything of you.

If he is a nice guy then he doesn’t expect sex or a relationship to come from his deeds, he expects someone to be nice back to him, this doesn’t mean “give that one kid some pussy”, because that is not the way being nice works.
Girls are not some kind of achievement you chip away at until they’re ready to fuck you, girls do not trade “nice guy coins” for sexual favours, a girl can sleep OR JUST BE FRIENDS with whom ever she chooses, holding a door open for a girl doesn’t earn you a kiss, it warrants nothing more than a “Thank you”.

One day I’m going to have my son and daughter, and they will sure as hell be raised in a world in which kindness begets kindness and nothing is to be expected for human decency.

Elliot Rodger wrote:
“I don’t know what you don’t see in me. I’m the perfect guy and yet you throw yourselves at these obnoxious men instead of me, the supreme gentleman.”
Let me break this down, the perfect guy would never need to write such a line, he would be too busy making a girl laugh, any gentleman (let alone “The Supreme Gentleman”, if there is such a thing) would be far too busy making the world a little bit better for others, to think about killing anyone.
We have a kid with delusions of grandeur, who thought the world owed him something and chances are his opinion of himself was so inflated, any girl who paid him any attention wouldn’t be good enough, you can see in his writing that he thinks himself special and above regular guys.

The world owes you nothing, and if you have to tell people you’re a good guy then you surely not letting your actions speak for you.

This world saddens me some times.

Original image of comments and a more knowledgeable discussion of the situation can be found here: Source


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