Super Duper – Kickstarter

super duper

In lighter news, while navigating through Expo on Saturday I saw something that caught my eye, a costumed hero wielding a mop.

Now this might sound silly but I had actually been toying with the idea of a “super hero cleanup squad”, the kind who clean up all the toxic materials, blood splatter and such from after a Super fight.

Wandering over to the desk I find out the stall is promoting a recently launched kickstarter about Super Hero Interns.

Well, I have already thrown my coin into the ring (as it were) but they still have a fair ways to go, so my fearless listeners, take a look and see what they’re talking about, you don’t know it might just be your sort of thing.

Find out about the Super Duper Kickstarter here

And I tell you what, if Super Duper makes it’s goal, I’ll even get my silly little idea drawn up for you all to see, not that anyone reads this, but a non-existent bribe is all I can really manage but a bribe, oh sorry I mean *cough*incentive*/cough* is what I can offer you my friends.


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