Back from Expo

So, London’s MCM is over and I am finally home, thought I should give a rundown.

Friday was awesome, the new queuing system was a little weird and I didn’t really explain it previously.
Basically in previous years everyone entered through the main entrance (three/four sets of double doors) if you had a wristband you can access any hall, without you need to go to the appropriate hall and get your wristband.
This year, entrances were all down the side of the building, with a single door for re-admittance (those who had a wristband), for those with pre-booked tickets and one for those who wanted to buy a ticket.
So we ended up with three large queues outside, which isn’t so bad for the day tickets but when you have already collected your wristband it just makes things arduous, having to wait 20 minutes just to get back into the hall when you’ve popped out for what ever reason.

And to top it all off, midday Saturday the weather turned foul with hundreds of people stuck outside.

So, Friday was fine, I got to navigate around and bought myself a little bit of everything and I got to meet Robert Rankin again (for those unaware, Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse is one of my favourites, if I have a chance to see him and get another signed novel I will do so).
I got cupcakes and cookies, tshirts and a Fallout bobblehead.

Saturday, I get into the hall and it was so fucking packed, I really just couldn’t handle it, got myself another tshirt, managed to catch up with one retailer from last year and then I had to escape, got so bad I couldn’t even eat my lunch.
After escape I managed to hunt down some sushi and then proceeded to drink, a lot.

Sunday, I have to admit I was a little too “Morning after” and when I turned up, instead of suffering through the seas of people I stuck outside helping out with a cookie competition.
More on this later.

Admittedly this was my least active Expo, but it was still fun, might have done things a little bit differently if I could, but usually I am a bit more reserved on a Friday but this time I pretty much bought everything I would have bought over the weekend in a day, so maybe next time I don’t need a whole weekend ticket?

Expo was fun, expect further updates about it soon.
Over and out.


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