I love Rocksmith, to me it is a great way to practise guitar.
This might sound weird when you think about the apparent problems with the system, let me explain.

As I’ve discussed I’m neither musically talented or good at practising, all I can tell you is that I like what I like and be done with it, I can generally tell you if something doesn’t sound good and I can tell you why I don’t think it sounds good, I love my music but I can’t tell you if there’s a small problem with a song.
So to me Rocksmith is excellent, but I am reliably informed by a friend that there is a delay between the guitar and the audio, that makes the game almost unbearable for some, to me this doesn’t exist.

I guess for myself personally I have a disconnect between the action (strumming a guitar) and hearing music, if I am honest I tend to listen to music as I play games regardless and though in Rocksmith the game is playing a guitar, I am still used to my music and my gam being disconnected entities, so as long as I don’t mess up too much any delay fails to impede my enjoyment.

But regardless I am still looking into getting a copy of Rocksmith 2014, but it upsets me to see that I shall have to buy a tool to import the DLC I bought for the first game, I find this irksome purely because I can’t imagine the programming for individual tracks being greatly different between games, and it just feels like another money grab as opposed to some deep intgral refactoring of the game files.

What do you guys think? Is Rocksmith 2014 worth buying? Is it a great improvement on the original? Should I buy the import tool for the songs I already own?


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