I may never be a musician

One day I am determined to write a concept album, the idea is going to be simple, my album will be an entire self contained story.
For an idea of what I mean go listen to Joe’s Garage by Frank Zappa, a series of songs built around a narrative with each song being a different act and a narration from a central character. [wiki link]

There’s a couple of general stories I want to work on, including an adaptation of Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, I have visions of undead all in a row shambling in time to the rhythm as one calls out “We’re coming to get ya, we’re coming to get ya”

It should be little surprise that I am a fan of rock operas and musicals, not all of them mind but if it’s a good story and it’s got good songs then I can’t help but sing along.
How about a list, my top 5 musical stories and I’ll link you to my favoured song in each show.

We’ll start off with Phantom of the Paradise, a pop culture tale mixing the stories of Faust, Picture of Dorien Grey and Phantom of the Opera.

Then we’ve Evil Dead: The Musical, a mixture of the plotlines of Evil Dead 1 and 2, with the comedy ramped up and music.

Jesus Christ Superstar, the big name interpretation of the biblical tale.

Repo: The Genetic Opera, a futuristic gothic tale.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, from the mind of Joss Whedon, ’nuff said.

None of the videos I am linking to are mine, none of the content is mind, if you like what you hear go and by the fill thing.


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