First day at expo

So, Friday has arrived and expo is here, or rather I’m here at expo.
The sun is shining and the birds are singing and the organisers have taken a different approach with entering the hall this year.
Usually, you see, when attending expo you enter through the main entrance to the hall, wind your way through a few hundred people moving in the opposite direction and pray that you make it out alive, but not this time.
Taking a cue from the greatest of British inventions, the queue, expo appear to have initiated a one way system, now instead of taking the usual door we found ourselves snaking along the edge of the building along the river front, taking a side door, ascending stairs and then suddenly it’s as if we’re in the middle of paradise, a geeky nirvana of gadgets and gizmos and tshirts, to exit one must return to the usual doorway, but access into the building is now dependant on having a pass upon your person.
Though as a first time using this system I have to say that I think it’s a pretty good idea, theoretically creating a flow of people into the hall, where as in the past those trying to make their either in or out were met with fierce opposition now you can be pretty certain everyone is going the same way as yourself, we’ll see if the plan holds true across the entire weekend.

It seems this year as if the steampunks have been divided, usually Robert Rankin and Dr Geof can be found with the brass clad warriors, but this time both artists are at the other end of the hall, just seems weird to separate then out, especially as there was plenty of space around the steampunks.

I must admit to so far being dismayed that I can’t find any child coffee, one of the highlights of my expo experience is collecting several cans of chilled coffee to enjoy through out the day, but if no one is selling it to me, I’m going to call a conspiracy.

As I wandered around the hall I spotted a fallout sign, drawing me in as if some bug trapped in the glow of a neon light, I found an entire table of merchandise from the wasteland.
An entire table people, why do you not understand this??

It may just be that Friday feeling, but it certainly feels as if the hall had more space this time around, so everyone won’t be so squashed as they meander through the stalls and tables, but Saturday will be the true test of whether or not we’re all just fish in a barrel.

Oh and I just found out my local comic shop has a table, I’ll definitely be looking for them done Saturday.

To adventure!


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