I’m a few episodes behind on Arrow

If anyone knows anything about me, it should be that I had a small fascination with archery as a child.
Probably more to do with the abundance of Robin Hood based content than the availability of a bow, but now I am a man and have a disposable income, I have my own bow and do not get to use it neary enough for my liking.
So it should be no surprise to find out that I am fond f the DC hero Green Arrow and as such have been watching the series, but admittedly I have been unable to keep up to date.

THERE MAY BE SPOILERS, read at your own risk.

I finally got up to date and saw the season finale, yet another battle for Starling City, all well and good dn’t mind that as long as not every season comes down to Starling City being under attack from some doomsday machine or threat, you can’t make everything more epic than the last or it just starts to get silly.

But for now, it definitely fit with Slade’s vengence, attempting to estroy the city that Oliver had been working so hard to save, it just worked well for me.

There were however two things that bugged me about the ending.
Firstly, the Mirukuru barely seemed to make a difference to the mooks, though I don’t expect them to be as skilled as Slade, it jut felt more as if we had everyone telling us how bad they were without showing us, especially once we had the cute it just seemed as if the mooks were just mooks, one hit and down, no threat at all.

Secondly, Isabel’s mask just seemed silly to me, it didn’t seem to me as if Slade had originally intended to use Mirukuru on her, using it as a last resort once she had been killed, so did he have a female suit already made? Kind of detracts from the faceless element the masks added to the rest of the group.
Maybe it’s just me but the mask just didn’t really fit well for the character and was more inclined to make me laugh.

Beyond that I enjoyed the finale and thought the show down between Oliver and Slade worked quite well, beyond this there’s a couple of comments other people have made that I’d like to share a thought upon

Firstly, some have questioned Slade’s guilt in the entire ordeal seeing as he, like Roy, was under the influence of psychosis brought on by Mirukuru, and honestly I think there is a telling difference between the two, Slade’s hatred for Oliver and the delusions surrounding Shado occured very quickly, but with Roy the psychotic break didn’t occur for quite some time.
As Slade tells Oliver, it isn’t the Mirukuru that made him hate Oliver, deep down he truly blamed Oliver for Shado’s death.

Secondly, some have voiced concern over the fight between Slade and Oliver back on the island, a few people have mentioned wanting to see Oliver subjected to Mirukuru and being on an equal footing with Slade for the fight, but to me this wouldn’t work, even if they were on equal footing Slade as a fighter has a hell of a lot more skill and should be more than capable of taking Oliver out, the fight needed to come down to Oliver getting lucky and if it comes down to luck having Oliver super powered doesn’t make any difference.
The argument boils down to “Oliver can then cure himself and attempt to kill Slade” which in turn negates the “I could have cured him” element that’s been running through out the season, and also detracted from the uncertainty of whether or not the cure would even work.

And now I need to see the trailer for Flash, not 100% sold on the costume however.


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