This is the Darkest Timeline

darkest timeline

Your favourite show has just finished it’s spring run and you’re satisified til you realise that your show has been cancelled.
Worse still your show got cancelled on it’s fifth season, it never made it to the fabled six seasons and a movie.

This is the future that fans of Community are facing, their favourite show has been torn out from under them like a rug that they were sitting upon, sitting upon while they were watching their favourite show.

To me this is a giant betrayal of society.
Community was a smart comedy, set in a community college following a group of students who form an unlikely friendship.
Don’t believe me? I’ll run down a list of some of the more “out there” episodes.

We have a stop motion animation episode in which one character has to deal with his divorced mother moving on and starting a new family.
One episode in which Abed (the film obsessed Aspergic character) connects with his strict father by filming a documentary in which he pushes his friends to the same extremes his parents initially went through.
One episode in which a faked class leads to a deep running conspiracy that could cost some students the ultimate price.
One in which a diabolic teacher uses singing to brainwash our group into joining the glee club, in a parody of Glee.
And then there are the paintball episodes, oh the paintball episodes.

Now these are just my own favourites, I am sure you can find other lists which are more comprehensive but these are just my own.
The beautiful thing about Community to me is that the episodes have hidden things you only spot on second viewings, or things that come together later on, for example across three separate episodes we have characters uttering “Beetlejuice…” and then by the third instance in the background we see Beetlejuice walking past.
In another episode we pretty much see all characters apart from Abed, who is continually in the background assisting in the delivery of a baby with some random student, the act goes un-commented until another of our main characters ends up pregnant at a later date.

And community got cancelled, admittedly the first season took a few episodes to find their feet and then the characters settle and things start to roll, the episodes are really strong and they stand up to repeated viewing.

And when Community gets cancelled, you know what gets renewed? Big Bang Theory.
Don’t get me wrong, don’t misunderstand me at all, I do not miss an episode of Big Bang Theory, but rewatching the episodes tends to leave me cringing, the humour comes down to awkwardness and I just can’t handle knowing it’s about to come, the jokes tend to boil down to how nerdy one group is and how the second don’t understand them.

This doesn’t mean that Big Bang Theory is a bad show, like I say I enjoy it and I am invested in the characters but Big Bang Theory just doesn’t grab me on as many levels as Community does.

Oh well, at least I can watch re-runs of Community.


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