Musical Realisation

In 2001, I was working part time and had no outgoing bills, on average I would buy two or three Cd’s a month and a couple of Playstation games, life was good and times were simpler.

Since then, the possibilities have exploded, I have the chance to experience bands and music from all over the world with friends sending me new things to listen to on a semi-regular basis.
It struck me that nowadays I don’t give music as much of a chance as I used to, I want to prove this with an example, I’ll select two Foo Fights CD’s and I’ll highlight the tracks I love on each.

  1. Doll
  2. Monkey Wrench
  3. Hey, Johnny Park!
  4. My Poor Brain
  5. Wind Up
  6. Up in Arms
  7. My Hero
  8. See You
  9. Enough Space
  10. February Stars
  11. Everlong
  12. Walking After You
  13. New Way Home

Okay so that’s 13 out of 13, even surprised myself there.
I bought this CD before I had the internet, I had just bought a 5 disc CD player and this was playing through out my play through of Final Fantasy 8.
I listened to this CD so much that even the tracks I wasn’t 100% in love with initially grew on me, when we compare this to another Foo Fighters album bought once I had the internet and began to use my PC for all music, we’ll see how it measures up.
(Just to be an asshole, I’m only gonna use Disc One of the two disc In Your Honour)

  1. In Your Honour
  2. No Way Back
  3. Best of You
  4. DOA
  5. Hell
  6. The Last Song
  7. Free Me
  8. Resolve
  9. The Deepest Blues Are Black
  10. End Over End

Okay, again I surprised myself, didn’t think I liked as many tracks off this Disc, I neglected to add the second disc just feels like skewering the results, but for those interested I can’t name a track off of it right now.

So we get to what? 2005, In Your Honour has been released and I’ve got the internet, I literally use my pc as a jukebox and listen to music all day and night, but I don’t sit down and have the same bonding experience with the CD as I had with The Colour and The Shape.

Do I think In Your Honour is a weaker CD? Not at all, I just had the chance to bond with The Colour and the Shape, I spent countless hours playing computer games with the music humming along in the background, it has a positive association for me and even now when I may not have listened to one of the tracks in a year I can still sing along with it all beautifully.

When I was contemplating this blog, I honestly expected TCATS to score closer to 10/13 and IYH to score 3/10, the fact I liked more of each than I was even aware is just a little bit surreal to me. not something I’ll complain about mind you.

So walking away from this, I think I need to make sure that when I buy a CD (and yes, I still buy CD’s) I sit down and listen to it three or four times before I put it down, just so I give myself a chance to absorb the tracks I may not expect to love.

And as a final note, back in those days I’d spend the odd evening at a friends house using the internet, I’d always find myself on the Foo Fighters website, logging into the chatroom and talking for hours.
That’s how we used to socially network.


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