Elite Dangerous

As I’ve mentioned before I was a child during the 90’s, the first computer I remember my parents buying was an Amiga 1200 and we had a few games, New Zealand Story, Batman and various others, several years later my elder brother moved out and hidden within the posessions he left behind I found a copy of Elite 2.

I managed to get enough gameplay to fall in love with the game, not bad for a 10 year old kid.
I spent the next ten years with a soft spot for the game, even buying titles that were compared, so when the kickstarter for Elite Dangerous came out I can’t tell you how pleased I was, nor how quickly I rushed to justify the donation, though I posted here at the time so you might get some idea.

Well, here we are, months have passed and I’ve finally got my hands upon a copy, granted it’s only a few single player missions, but the game is enjoyable as all kinds of anything, like a kid in a candy store found in a ballpit in the arcade at Brighton Pier, there is so much possibility you don’t know where to start.
It’s a good thing the game makes you play through the missions one at a time, sort of building you up and training you to be a pilot.

It’s still a good couple of weeks till I get free roam, but even just the solo missions gives a chance to explore and experiment with your style of gameplay.
The graphics look amazing and the controls are simple enough that a newb like me can handle it.

I really cant wait for the full release.
But if anyone wants to show a guy some love, I really want this but I just can’t spare money for it.


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