When people ask me about the appeal of the Oculus Rift, I have to tell them bluntly.
Technology is catching up to 80’s fiction.

I know, I know the idea of a VR system/environment isn’t something out of the 80’s but being born in the 80’s it really strikes me as something from that era, I just simply mean what we chronicled in fiction is now easily attainable.
Stick on a headset and we get an immersive 3D environment, but further than that turn your head left and your controller looks left, look right and it looks right, magic eh?

Now I’ve been playing around with the firsst version of the Rift, and admittedly it isn’t a perfect device, the original rift has a problem with the “screen door” an issue in which you can see black lines between all the pixels, making everything appear as if it’s being viewed from behind a screen door.
But you know what? Half the time I don’t even notice it, it just magically appears randomly as if I notice it.

The Oculus Rift really proves that we can progress with Virtual Reality, as the technology becomes further refined the lag between what we do and what we see will become negligable and then all we need is some decent controls and we’ll have a new era of gaming.
Like the leap from line art to 3D graphics, proper immersive 3D is a giant leap.

Now some game studios have reported that the current VR trend won’t last beyond summer 2015, and even if it’s true refusal to consider a decent technological advance seems a bit short sighted, I mean what if the next generation of game consoles all ship with VR?

Ultimately, regardless of what others think of the Rift, I find the technology to be amazing and can’t wait to see the second or third generation hardware and can’t wait to see what developers do with the possibilities.

If this is the future, sign me up.


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