Night of the Living Deadpool

Everyone knows I love Zombies, not in the squishy heart way, but as a stress factor for humans in a survival situation I think Zombies are top of the list.
And you know what I also have an overly fond affection for? Thats right, the Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson himself Deadpool.

So when I saw the Night of the Living Deadpool arc, I had to get it.

Do not read the below if you want to protect yourself from the spoilers.

The story is pretty fun, Deadpool wakes up from a foodcoma to find the world overrun with the undead, a collection of shambling dead that still carry some vestige of their minds, while being unable to stop themselves from acting, ending with a bunch of dead killing and knowing every little action they carry out.

Through out, we find out that a branch of AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) known as AIR, while working on a serum to give soldiers a test tube healing factor accidentally create a zombie plague, of course though they tested a whole slew of healing factors the one that worked ended up being made from a sample of Deadpool’s blood.

This works to give Deadpool the unique position of being both immensely susceptible to, and also immune to the zombie virus, so though he can be infected he gets better.

Deadpool manages to track his way to the AIR labs in which the outbreak started, and then while there with little left to lose as the undead are about to overwhelm him, he ingests a huge dose of modified healing factor and promptly gets eaten.

…Well, not eaten, but bitten, and as the dead digest (if they can do such a thing) the ‘pool, the strangest change occurs.
And that is Night of the Living Deadpool.

Now this was a fun little series and as always I wish it had gone further.
The series had plenty of Deadpool, plenty of gross humour and funny situations, definitely worth checking out.


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