If you were a kid in the 90’s, there is every chance you may have been aware of Boglins.
Now I don’t mean you were born in the 90’s, I mean you were a kid, running around through farms and building dens in the local park, if you watched Saved By The Bell and the unprecedented freedom of the 90’s, you may remember the Boglins.
They came out in the late 80’s but as all things do, they stuck around for a few years.
The Boglin is a puppet, a little monster puppet, a little monster puppet that came in a box that was essentially a little cage.
You could manipulate the eyes and arms deftly with your fingers and open the mouth.

It was fun, even as a kid my hands seemed too large to actually work the Boglins, but I was the kind of kid who was drawn to little horrors and monsters so the Boglin was right up my alley.

I recently bought myself a glow in the dark Klang, primarily because Klang looked awesome and secondly because I’ve got a soft spot for all things glow in the dark.

One day I’ll introduce you all to Klang, but for now generic picture from google!


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