So I recently spotted a game, at the first look it was my kind of game.
A survival horror in a procedurally generated environment, sounds perfect to me.

So I looked at the requirements, seems to be fine, mentions DX11 and I know I’m running DX11 so I pre-purchase the game, it’s about a week to release so I’m excited.

The day of release comes and when I run the game it prompts me to download a DX updated, so I dutifully do, and the update kindly tells me that I already have the latest version.
I went around in this circle for about a two hours, trying to update things, getting the same error, following the steam forums so I can see if anyone with the same issue gets a solution.
No luck.

It turns out one of the requirements for Unreal Engine 4 isn’t just DX11, but a DX11 compatible videocard, this is where my issue is.
I’ve got all the right software but a single piece of hardware is out of date.
Fucking typical, but then this is the first real release for UE4, and we didn’t know beforehand that it needed relatively recent videocards, now I know this.

So instead of playing the game I had purchased, I instead got to watch other people playing (That’d be Angry Joe over at and you know what? The game is so very underwhelming.

It may be procedurally generated but when rooms and corridors all look the same the procedural generation serves little more purpose than to get you lost.
It doesn’t add any real replayability to the game because everything ultimately looks the same, even if you have to go a different route the room with the babies costs is the same as every other room with babies cots, it doesn’t feel distinct in any way.
Though the game does look good otherwise, there isn’t anything revolutionary, there’s nothing about the game that is making me rush out to upgrade my graphics card so I can play it.
Daylight was the first real publicised release for UE4 and it doesn’t feel as if anything has advanced nd even though I haven’t had a chance to play it, I just feel as if the £8 I spent on it was wasted, because though it is a good concept, the game isn’t great, it gets repetitive and again, there’ss no reason to replay it.

And then the ending? Damn… Disappointed and obvious.

Want to watch Angry Joe play Daylight?
Part one can be found over here:


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