Viscera Cleanup Detail

I just spent three hours cleaning up some sort of evil lab.
I can’t tell if it was in a secret underwater volcano lab in space, or if it was just a boring old regular earth lab, but I was in some kind of lab, allow me to describe it to you.
Have you ever seen Alien Resurrection? Imagine something completely different to this, add green vats containing mutants, a whole slew of body parts and a lot of blood.

Three hours, just me, my mop and picking up various body parts.
It’s a repetitive task, certainly so why bother with it?
Sometimes it’s just nice to not have to think overly, sometimes you just want to have a small repetitive task you can go over and over.
I used to play Minecraft for this, digging a hole was fun and allowed me to unwind, but the last few times I played it was just tiresome, there goes my downtime eh?

But today, thought I’d try my janitorial best to clean up the lab and you know what, it was fun, before I knew it I was three hours in I’ve almost got a clean lab, looks like I’ve got a couple of smudges and bulletholes left and I’ll have a clean lab.

It’s fun, and I’ve accomplished something.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll finish up and get something more to show.


I am Silent, part time programmer and full time narcissist, gamer, geek and man on a mission.

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