Lego Simpsons

I’m a 29 year old man and I love Lego, I always have it’s almost magical in it’s ability to become anything.
I have bought hundreds of pounds worth of Lego over the years under the vague excuse of doing some short stop motion thing, but ultimately I just love Lego.

I’m also a fan The Simpsons, I must admit when I see people talking about how much better the Simpsons was when it started, I think they’re looking back with a significant amount of nostalgia as frankly I find it hard to rewatch much of what originally aired.

So when I first heard of a Lego Simpsons episode, I was excited.
The Lego Movie was out rcently, we’ve had the Lego Marvel film and hell even fan made stop motion shorts have impressed, all items of decently high quality, gave great hopes for a professional group like The Simpsons, entertainment veterans with two decades of work behind them.

But you know what? The episode felt sorely lacking, the stop motion was jagged and the plot line was something right out of Community, who have done both a stop motion episode and a puppet episode with a focus on one of the main characters having troubles facing reality.

So almost identical concepts.
Lesser quality compared to the same medium.

It just made me feel as if this was done half heartedly, the episode felt rushed and I don’t feel any love from either brand.


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