Delays and Announcements

Good morning/afternoon/evening/aspect of newly discovered time,
First off I want to apologise to all fans of Geekenbrau for the hiatus we’ve had going on, due to ongoing technical concerns (ie: dodgy internet) I’ve been more absent than I’d like, as opposed to the healthy level of distance I usually like to keep.

But now I am back and soon my internet will be upgraded, which means it won’t take me three hours to upload a twenty minute video to YouTube, that’s right in my neck of the UK we still get 40kbps upload, which means anything at a decent resolution starts uploading when I hit the sack and if I’m lucky it’ll finish before I wake, the sheer volume of mornings I’ve awoken to find the net had hiccuped overnight and I’m looking at another night of upload.
Lets just say that frustrations can run high in the Geekenbrau office.

From here on, we’re looking to ramp up our textual posts, and as soon as the net drops us a new line we’ll be back to posting those videos that dozens of you have watched so eagerly, that’s right there are DOZENS of you out there.

Stay tuned and see what we’ve got in store for you.
You’ve been the audience, I’ve been Silent.
Peace out.


I am Silent, part time programmer and full time narcissist, gamer, geek and man on a mission.

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