Valve and their future hardware experiments

Have you ever considered that all those famous people, the company leaders and innovators, they all spend a little time on the internet.
I mean sure, we all see our favourite film and musical talent on twitter, but how can you be 100% certain that they don’t have some PR guy making a wage at 140 characters a time?
But even when you have an entire company spinning PR for you, you’re still going to be browsing the internet, maybe following a few blogs you like the look of or even just googling your own name (after all, who hasn’t tried that once in a while?)

Now imagine what would happen if you got an email from Gabe Newell?
At least with economist, Yanis Varoufakis, he wasn’t impressed until his teenage nephew informed him just how big Valve is, which made Gabe’s offer of a visit to discuss virtual economies a lot more interesting.

I’m not going to bore you with the maths, but there is one important thing Yanis mentioned in his blog post following his visits to Valve.

I got the chance to “see the future”. You see, in addition to their game software, Valve has started developing hardware. Worried by Microsoft’s and Apple’s tendency to claim a bigger and bigger cut of its profits (in order to allow users access to Valve games through the computers that run their software), Valve has started experimenting with its own machines that give you the ability to run these games without a (Microsoft or Apple-controlled) computer. I’ve signed an NDA so I can’t reveal much more. I’ll just say that I really saw the future. (it’s not a small deal to see a virtual but highly realistic alien stand beside a real human in the same room with you, walk around the room and wink at you. And all that without a screen, a projector or even a computer near you…)

Could Valve be working on their own Augmented Reality rig for gaming?

Read the full and original translation of Yanis Varoufakis’ blog post:

Or if you read Greek, the original can be found:


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