What’s in the cube??

For the past week or so I have been doing the most cringe-worthy impressions of Brad Pitt at the end of Se7en, asking everyone “What’s in the Cuuuube??”

The reason for this? I’ve been playing Curiosity – What’s in the Cube?, possibly the most simple MMO to ever be made, from English developer 22Cans.
The concept is simple, there is a giant cube made up of millions upon millions of smaller cubes, your job is to destroy the layers of cubes until you reach the central cube in which lays a prize.

But it’s a bit more complicated than that, your cube destruction earns you coins (1 per block initially) with which you can buy bombs or an upgraded chisel (the diamond chisel costs 3billion coins, after a few days of playing casually I have only 50,300) and you can’t just dig a hole straight through to the central layer, each layer has to be taken off in turn, so you can’t just sit there and dig-dig-dig.
On top of that you’re competing against hundreds of other players, so see that nice screen worth of  “blocks” you were going to mine to get a hefty combo and some serious coins? That could vanish on you in an instant so don’t delay.

One of the keys to gaining those precious coins in serious numbers is the combo multipliers that you get after destroying many blocks in a row with no break. These multipliers keep rolling over till before long you are getting a 10X multiplier bonus for every block you explode. This is all well and good until the game has to update the current state of the cube which it does every minute or so. In both iOS and Android version this results in a stutter and because the game sees that as you pausing in your block destruction, it then zeros your multiplier. If this bug could be corrected you could quite easily get up to 50X combo which would make your coin earnings a LOT easier.

Each layer looks different, with some containing nothing more than a different colour, with others containing pictures of Balloons, fields and even an advert for 22Cans kickstarter campaign for Godus, a new iteration of the classic God sim Populous.

So why am I playing this? It’s easy, I want to know what is in the cube, the only problem is that there can be only one, the final cube is going to be mined by one player who may choose whether or not to share what is inside and though I know I would not be able to get that final cube for myself, that does not mean I can’t take part in the game.
So I ask you, what’s in the Cube? WHAT’S IN THE CUBE??

Curiosity – What’s in the Cube? Is available on iOS and Android.

Wiki for Curiosity – What’s in the Cube? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curiosity_%E2%80%93_What’s_Inside_the_Cube%3F


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