Humble Bundle for Android 4

Now, over the past few years we have been firm fans of the work of the Humble Bundle, introducing us to new games we may never have heard of before and giving something back to a good cause.
As such, we are going to spread a little love, for both the Humble Bundle and for all those gamers out there following us.
When a new bundle comes out, whether it is a Humble Bundle or one of the other many fine collections out there out there, we will try to let you know as soon as possible and let you know a little about the games included while we are at it.

With this in mind, let me introduce you to the Humble Bundle for Android 4.


A puzzle game set on a micro-biotic level, where you have to rearrange cells into a target design, experimentation is important in this artistic game


A bizarre mixture of space exploration and floral visuals can be found in this atmospheric game


Waking Mars:-
An adventure game set on Mars, in which you play an astronaut floating around solving puzzles and trying to survive.


Super Brothers: Sword and Sorcery EP:-
A sword and sorcery (big surprise) adventure game in which you have to solve “mystical musical mysteries”.


Crayon Physics Deluxe:-
A puzzle game where you draw solutions as if with a crayon.


Only available if a user donates more than the current average price.
An industrial themed, point and click adventure game, huzzah!


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