Browncoats Unite!

It is November 12th and all good Browncoats know what this means.
For those who don’t know or are lapsed, being a Browncoat means you’re a loyal fan of the under-appreciated Joss Whedon show Firefly, which ran for a dozen episodes in 2002, the show was run out of order with studio executives pulling Joss off project to work on his other projects, fans around the world will tell you how the show was killed and what this means.

One thing that is understood if you are a Browncoat, is that no power in the ‘verse can stop us, it is a decade on and we’re not only just as passionate about the show but our numbers have grown year on year as new users find their way to the ‘verse.

In 2011, the Science channel bought the rights to air Firefly, and have taken note of the fan loyalty behind the show promising to show fans the respect they deserve, as evidence of this they have gone and created a Documentary called Browncoats Unite!, which aired last night.

Though I have yet to see it (wrong side of the world) I would be interested to see how the Science Channel looks to the international Browncoats as no doubt we all wish to see the program.
Beyond the documentary however,  the Science Channel filmed twice as much footage as they had a chance to air, with the promise of releasing the extra footage on the provision that they receive enough tweets, of course this happened in no time at all, so there is a virtual cornucopia of footage floating around for those who are willing to find it.

Have you seen Browncoats Unite?
Let me know what you think, but for now, no spoilers.


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