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One of my first gaming memories is the day my parents bought an Amiga back in the early 90’s, we had two games that we bought at the same time, Batman and the New Zealand Story, both games that frustrated and entertained me at great length for years, in honesty I had only ever completed New Zealand Story once.
A few years later when my older brother moved out and I inherited half his stuff I found a copy of Elite buried in amongst an ancient selection of LEGO bricks, from the first time I played Elite I was hooked, the absolute freedom to play as I wanted, being a kid and having complete moral freedom and no reward/punishment system to make me feel as if I had made the wrong choice, it was an amazing experience and one that has never been truly duplicated.
In fact, I could go so far as to say that the promise of the “21st Century Elite” has been enough to make me purchase a game or two.

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find comment on twitter as to a kickstarter attempting to raise funds to create a new title in the Elite franchise.
Launched only today, Frontier Development have asked for $1,250,000 with the promise of a new game set to bring Elite to a modern gaming environment, when we look at what Elite was capable of when charged with the sort of processing power that would make a modern programmer howl in frustration it is truly a marvel that using the same amount of data that is contained in a simple .txt file, they could create an entire universe with a working economy.

As much as I loved Elite as a kid, I never really had a chance to progress, I would never have the time to truly play but now I am grown and have more gaming ability to follow my childhood dreams, I just need an excuse for it and this looks to be it.
Although there is a fair while to wait (with an estimated delivery of March 2014) the promise of a discounted copy of the game certainly seems to have gained the attention of the gaming masses with Frontier Developments already recieving almost a quarter of their requested total in the first day alone.

Needless to say, my donation is already logged and I am excited as a fat kid in a cake shop.



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